Getting the Best from Your Temporary Staffing Recruiter or How to Ruin Your Chance of Getting a Job

I have often wondered why many people have different expectations when interviewing with staffing firms than they would with about any other hiring organization.  Perhaps it is because most people don’t really understand what a recruiter does.  Ever heard someone complain about a recruiter “not finding them a job?” Yes, times have changed.  Twenty or… Read More

Payroll & Job Cost Accountant Position in Seattle

SmartTalent is seeking a Payroll and Job Cost Accountant for a 100+ year old company.  This is a direct position with career advancement opportunity.  Our client is looking for a well rounded employee to join their accounting team. The firm serves customers in the western states, utilizing the most modern equipment in heavy metal fabricating… Read More

What’s Going On? – Part 1 in a Series on Handling Common Employee Performance Issues

Most people at work are good employees.  They do what’s expected most of the time.  They work hard, come to work every day and play well with others.  Some employees go above and beyond the normal expectations.  They arrive early, stay late and are nice to have around.  But then there are those few employees… Read More

Preparing for the Phone Interview

Telephone interviews are often used in the selection process as a result of a résumé you have submitted.  They are usually done to speed up the selection process and are usually conducted by one person.  Your preparation should be just as thorough as for a face-to-face interview, but with the advantage that you can use… Read More

Getting a Job with a Great Résumé – Tips to Help Secure the Interview

You see a job posting.  You quickly send off your résumé, sit back and wait for the call that is sure to come.  Instead you hear nothing; silence or worse the annoying sound of a lone cricket.  Sound familiar? A résumé is an employer’s first impression of you as a candidate.  Its purpose is to… Read More

Quality Engineer Job on the Eastside of King County in Washington State

SmartTalent is working with a leading company that provides custom parts for a wide variety of applications from medical devices and aerospace components to a complete line of plastic hardware for the woodworking industry. Quality Engineer Job in the QA Department Job Summary Administers the organization’s QA/QC program. Job Duties: Supervise the calibration system, first… Read More

SmartTalent presents its new website

SmartTalent is proud to announce the new website which will help SmartTalent find employment for the talented workforce with reputable employers in Seattle, Kirkland, Fife and Renton. SmartTalent is a locally owned independent Human Resource and Staffing organization that was established in 2001. We provide a working environment in which our employees have the… Read More