Upskilling During a Pandemic: Why Training is More Important than Ever

The COVID outbreak has dramatically changed perspectives in a very short period of time. Thanks to the pandemic, a lot of previously high-ranking priorities have moved to the back burner. Things that once seemed important now fade in comparison to the economic and personal turmoil the disease has caused.   However, you shouldn’t put training in this category. Don’t think of upskilling your staff as a “we’ll get… Read More

Safety Practices All Warehouse Employees Should Follow

If things are going well, your warehouse will be busy and in constant motion. However, this activity can increase the chance of injuries. To keep things humming, you need a consistent focus on safety, with every worker committed to maintaining compliance. In other words, all employees should follow the best safety practices in order to protect everyone’s… Read More

How to Staff to Prepare for the Second Wave of COVID

News that governments were reducing COVID-related restrictions sparked a wave of business optimism this summer. It looked like the pandemic had finally run its course. However, those hopeful signs came with a major worry: what about a second wave?   The likelihood of a renewed outbreak is in doubt and the potential shape it would take is open to speculation.… Read More

The Importance of Wearing PPE In & Out of the Office

Masks and other similar PPE have become the symbols of the COVID age. They have also become a source of political controversy, as many people push back against the restrictions the disease has imposed on our lives. But, as businesses open up and as people get back to work, it’s crucial to remember the importance of wearing… Read More

Is Your Resume Filled with Skeletons?

Halloween is just around the corner, a time of ghosts and dancing skeletons. Monsters and spirits are great for a haunted house. They don’t work for resumes, however. Don’t let your work history get haunted. Prevent your resume from getting filled with the skeletons of old jobs no one cares about. Instead, dig them up and get rid of them.  You only have a brief window to impress HR… Read More

Why You Should Consider Working Second Shift

Second shift sometimes equals a second choice. You get a job offer and feel like you need to take what you can get. But other times, second shift can represent the perfect fit. There are lots of reasons to consider this alternative schedule.  More than 2 million Americans work the night shift. This represents about 3.2%… Read More

Why Forming Relationships With Temporary Employees is So Important

Temporary employees: here today, gone tomorrow. Why get invested? Sadly, that’s a common attitude toward temp workers. It’s also a mistake. Forming a relationship with your temporary employees can lead to a number of important long-term benefits.  Don’t let your time with temps go to waste. Building a long-term connection can open up new potential and help you develop a meaningful talent pipeline. At the… Read More

What to Do With Employee Survey Results

The COVID-19 outbreak made communication with your team a critical lever in reacting to a fast–changing situation. As you consider safety issues and operational challenges going forward, employee surveys provide an excellent method for gathering opinions and using them to make the best decisions possible. But just handing out a questionnaire doesn’t do much good. You need to know what… Read More

How to Explain Gaps in a Your Resume

Gaps in your resume can complicate your ability to restart your career. But don’t dodge the issue. The best thing you can do is address the situation and explain why the gaps are there.   After all, taking time off from a career is very common. In the U.S. right now, there are approximately 91 million people who don’t have a job and… Read More

How a Temporary Position Can Help Restart Your Career

Even when you prioritize your career, life can get in the way. Events happen that force you to take a break from your professional life. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay away forever. Temporary positions provide excellent re-entry points, helping you restart your career following an absence.  The list of reasons to pause your career… Read More