Treat Your Temporary Employees Like Members of Your Team

Maximizing your output means getting the most out of everyone you’ve got working for you. That includes your temps. You might look at these workers as transitory contributors, but that conception represents a mistake. To reach your peak performance, you need to treat your temporary employees like full-fledged members of the team.  Temporary work has become a major force in the… Read More

Why Being Punctual at Work is So Important

You arrive at work a few minutes late or sneak into a meeting after it started. What does it really matter? In practical terms, it might not seem like a big deal. But showing up on time might make the difference between career advancement and eventual unemployment.   Not convinced? Here’s why being punctual at work is so important: … Read More

How to Make Your Job Screening Process More Cost-Effective

There’s a central tension involved in any recruitment effort. You want to find the best possible candidates for each open position. At the same time, you want your job screening process to stay as cost-effective as possible. These goals often run contrary to each other.  Let’s simplify what we mean:  Business rule #1: hiring the right people is crucial for building a… Read More

5 Tips to Make 2021 The Best Year for Your Career

Given what happened in 2020, you might look at 2021 with significant anxiety. You’re excited about the new year, but still shell shocked by the previous 12 months. Don’t worry. Not only will 2021 be better than the previous year. You can make it the best year of your career.  That’s a big goal to have. Still, you should head… Read More

How Can I Turn My Temporary Job into my Career?

Traditionally, most people treat temp assignments as stepping stones. They provide a way to gain experience or just pick up a paycheck. However, these opportunities can turn into much more. You can turn your temporary job into your career.  This isn’t one of those one-in-a-million fantasies, like winning the lottery or getting your singing talents discovered on TikTok. It’s quite common to transition… Read More

Why Communication is the Key to Safety

Imagine how workplace safety would work without communication. Each worker would do whatever they thought was best. Some would barely get any work done because they would spend 99% of their time in safety protocols. Others would recklessly careen around the facility, sure that nothing bad would happen because they “got this covered.”   In other words: anarchy, accidents,… Read More

Red Flags that Could Mean a Candidate is Lying on Their Resume

If only there was a lie detector machine for resumes. You could just strap them in and get to the truth. As it is, you need to rely on less scientific methods. You need to look out for red flags that could mean a candidate is lying on their resume.  One study suggests that more than a third… Read More

Take These 2020 Lessons into 2021

The memes might be stale by now, but it’s hard to escape the reality: 2020 was a tough one. As a result, many people just want to forget the past 12 months. Don’t rush to put it out of your mind, though. The challenges you faced in 2020 can grant important lessons to take into 2021.  In other words, as hard… Read More

Prepare for Success in 2021 With These 3 Tip

It’s finally coming to an end. On January 1, the brutal year 2020 will become a memory. That’s certainly great news. Well, great news for everyone but mask manufacturers and people who make their livings as political pundits.   The issue? No one knows what’s going to happen next. That makes preparing for success in 2021 a massive challenge.  But don’t despair. Despite the uncertain times, it’s possible to develop skills that… Read More

How to Set Realistic & Achievable Career Goals for 2021

Along with its many other consequences, 2020 altered a lot of career trajectories. What’s more, the lingering economic uncertainty makes it difficult to plan for the future. Still, you can’t hold steady, waiting for better times. You need to find a way to continue to make progress, despite the challenging situation.  That’s right: 2021 is coming. And with the New Year, you need… Read More