Your Guide to Recruiting on Social Media

Social media exists in a sphere of contradiction. Any 15-year-old can manipulate it to their will, but billion–dollar companies still have trouble extracting maximum value from the major social media platforms. Nowhere is this truer than in the realm of recruiting.  Very few companies get all they can from the recruiting possibilities offered by social media. That’s a… Read More

Personal Branding: Why Does It Matter?

Just like a corporate brand softens up a consumer for a sales pitch, a personal brand plays the same role in introducing you to potential employers. It can make it easier to sell them on your skills and background, maximizing your chances of landing the perfect job.  Here are a few ways that personal branding can improve your… Read More

Winter Safety Tips for Your Workplace

Winter has its benefits. Skiing. Skating. The holidays. However, it has more than its fair share of downsides as well. Shoveling. Bad driving. Heavy coats.  Unfortunately, workplace safety falls into this last category. Winter weather presents particular safety challenges. It’s nothing that you can’t prepare for. But keeping your workers safe during the winter months… Read More

How Long Should You Stay in a Job You Hate?

No one wants to stay in a bad situation longer than they have to. Whether it’s a bad relationship or job you hate, you want to move on to new opportunities as quickly as possible. However, sometimes the situation gets complicated. When it does, how do you know how long to stay in that hated situation?  Imagine… Read More

First, Second, or Third Shift? How to Choose What Works for You

Often, you end up building your life around your work schedule. This makes the shift you end up working crucial for figuring out the rest of your schedule. Your family life, your social life, and, maybe most importantly, your sleep patterns rely heavily on when you are slated to show up at work.   Sometimes you… Read More

Improving Employee Engagement

Building a great team doesn’t stop the hiring stage. Once you’ve assembled an impressive roster of talent, you have to get the most productive you can out of your efforts. This involves keeping your workers engaged.   Motivated and dedicated employees will get more done. It’s as simple as that. But, beyond the simple improvements in productivity, active worker… Read More

Clean Up Your Facebook Profile While Job Searching With These Tips

Don’t be surprised if a potential employer stalks your Facebook profile. It’s just part of the snooping (or “due diligence” if you’re using corpo-speak) any responsible HR staffer would do before recommending a hire. Knowing this, you should take whatever steps are necessary to clean up your profile and make sure your Facebook presence helps you… Read More

How to Improve Your Reputation at Work

Your professional reputation is an important asset. It can represent the key to your advancement, but it’s also difficult to maintain. A string of bad luck, or an important project turning south (even if it wasn’t your fault), can start to fray your reputation. If yours has started to tatter a bit, you’ll have to work hard… Read More

Why a Good Night’s Sleep is Vital to Your Job Performance

You’ve worked hard to acquire a killer skill set and you’ve actively cultivated a strong professional network to achieve success. You don’t want to throw that all away because you’re too sleepy. It may seem like a silly concern, but it can make a big difference. A good night’s sleep lets you meet the day… Read More

Why Diversity is Essential for Your Workforce

It’s a mainstay of political and PR-related conversation: diversity. But outside these rhetorical maelstroms, the topic also exists as an important practical concern for your business. In fact, diversity is essential to building a dynamic, flexible workforce, well–suited for the rigors of the modern corporate environment.  A diverse workforce brings you a number of critical benefits.… Read More