Asking for a Raise the Right Way

When it comes to a raise, deserving one isn’t enough. That may seem unfair, but it’s a fact of the business world. It also matters how you approach the request and how you lobby for your higher salary. In short, it matters how you ask.  You work hard, you achieve all your goals, and you… Read More

Did You Know You Can Land a Job on Social Media?

  You think of it mostly as a way to waste some time goofing on strangers or sharing your favorite cat videos. But social media has become serious business. Used right, it can become a meaningful way to build a career, allowing you to widen your network and even land an individual job. But how?… Read More

What Can You Do About High Turnover?

Turnover represents a frustrating and expensive drain on corporate resources. It’s also a team killer. High turnover can sap overall morale and cause significant delays to key projects. Building a strong team isn’t just about recruiting. It’s about retention as well. Once you land a great employee, you have to be able to keep them… Read More

Are You in the Wrong Job?

The wrong job can seriously curtain your career development. You can’t move your professional life forward, and you make yourself miserable in the meantime. The problem? It’s sometimes hard to tell when you’re in the wrong job. A bad job is like a bad relationship. It can go on for years and, when it’s over,… Read More

Why Isn’t My Job Post Getting Applications?

It’s been sitting there for weeks, your job posting. You blanketed the Internet with it, but it’s largely been ignored — a great big cyber shrug. You had high hopes when you posted it, but you just aren’t getting the volume of applications you expected. It’s a major problem for your recruiting efforts. The lack… Read More

Why Temporary Work Might Be Right for You

When you seek job-search advice, most of the information you’ll find assumes you want a stereotypical nine-to-five, 40-hour-a-week, keep-it-as-long-as-they-let-you position. However, there are other options. You might be more suited for temporary work at this point in your career. People sometimes view temp work as a last resort. However, it provides some advantage to full-time,… Read More

Common Mistakes Made When Hiring Temporary Employees

Using temporary employees provides a meaningful way to supplement and enrich your corporate team. However, it’s up to you to get the most out of these workers. There are common mistakes that companies make when bringing these helpers into the fold that limit their contribution and constrain their productivity. Here are a few of the… Read More

Do You Suffer From the Sunday Scaries? Here are 3 Ways to Fast Track Your New Job Hunt!

A job hunt can present a frightening situation, as you search for a way to fast-track your quest for a career-boosting opportunity. The weekend can provide a brief pause in the worry cycle. But the reprise can be all too brief. With Monday looming, and another round of searches and daunting applications, you can succumb… Read More

Create a Winning Company Culture With These Tips

Culture infuses everything you do. Your ability to attract and keep employees, entice new customers, build a brand, and ultimately survive as in the marketplace all relate to cultural factors. But that begs the question: how do you create a winning culture? Business success is relatively easy to see. A worthwhile project positively impacts the… Read More

How to Successfully Work with a Recruiter to Find a Job

Recruiters provide a fast track to career development. However, they don’t conjure the benefits on their own. Rather, you contribute a lot to the process. The more prepared you are to work with a staffing firm, the more successful you will be. The benefits of working with a staffing firm are well known. They can… Read More