Make Your New Year’s Resolution to Finally Find a New Job

Lose weight. Read more. Limit your TikTok use to three hours a day. New Year’s Day represents the time of resolutions. Make this year count: make a New Year’s resolution to finally find a new job.  Of course, making the resolution is only the first step. And, unfortunately, in most cases, it’s the only step that happens. One study found that less… Read More

Help Your Team Set SMART Goals in 2021

We all know 2020 was a difficult and confusing year. Unfortunately, visibility for 2021 isn’t much better. We could be in store for another roller–coaster 12 months.  With that likelihood to contend with, good business practices are even more important than usual. Make sure your fundamentals are sound so that you don’t contribute mistakes to what could be… Read More

Why So Many People Are Indifferent About Using a Staffing Agency and Why You Shouldn’t Be

 About 16 million jobs are filled each year through staffing companies. At the same time, around 9 out of every 10 employers utilize recruiting firms in some way. But ask a typical job seeker about a staffing firm and what do you usually get? Yawns. Shrugs. General lack of enthusiasm.   Why? Why are so many people indifferent about using… Read More

The Benefits of Promoting a Strong Work-Life Balance

As an employer, you have a certain stake in which way the proverbial work/life balance tips. You’re aggressively focused on Team Work. That’s a given; it’s just part of the process. Still, even with your built-in preference, you shouldn’t try to monopolize all your employees’ time and attention. There’s an operational benefit to letting Team Life win a couple of rounds. Balance really does mean balance. And it’s not… Read More

Never Use These People As References

References are a crucial part of the job-search process. They let potential employers learn more about your work habits and skill base. Here’s the best part: you get to pick the people they contact. It should provide a fool-proof way to improve your chances of getting hired. That is, if you don’t choose the wrong people as your references. … Read More

How to Show Appreciation for Your Team This Holiday Season

2020, right? It’s been a complicated, scary, unprecedented year. But, barring anything truly catastrophic, the holiday season is still coming. And it presents the perfect opportunity to thank your team for their contributions during the difficult months you just slogged through together.  Showing appreciation represents an important component of team spirit. Letting workers know how valuable they are can boost morale and… Read More

How a Good Work-Life Balance Can Make You a Better Employee

It may seem like a good employee is always focused on work. And while dedication is crucial to achieving career success, complete devotion to your job can often backfire. In many ways, you become a better employee when you maintain a good work/life balance.  This may seem counterintuitive. But becoming a more well-rounded person augments your ability… Read More

Do You Have an Interview Coming Up? Be Prepared to Answer These 5 Questions

Think about job interviews the way an athlete thinks about The Big Game. Your fate will be decided in a short, stressful, live performance. And, like a player preparing to win a championship, you shouldn’t go into an interview cold. You need to practice as much as you can so that you’re ready for whatever happens.  In this case, preparation doesn’t involve running wind sprints or watching game film. Instead, you need to craft your answers… Read More

Deciphering a Neutral Reference Check

You think you’ve found the perfect candidate. Now, you just have to go through the motions of checking references. One problem: you aren’t getting the ecstatic praise you had expected. The commentary from former bosses and coworkers isn’t bad. It just isn’t good either.  What can you learn from this? How do you decipher a neutral reference check?  It’s a complicated process of decoding. It’s like reading a… Read More

Your Job Descriptions Could Be The Reason You Aren’t Getting the Right Candidates

The early stages of the recruitment process always come with so much hope. You post a job description and wait for the perfect candidate to find you. What happens when the ideal person never appears? Hope turns to disappointment and you get ready to settle for “good enough.”  But why didn’t you find that flawless applicant? Well,… Read More