5 Qualities of a Team Player at Work

Teamwork represents a core trait of any successful worker. As such, it gets listed as one of the key “soft skills” every business blog tells you to master. But what does being a team player at work mean? The term “teamwork” itself is pretty vague. Telling someone to “improve your teamwork” would be like a… Read More

How to Approach Your Answer to “Tell Me About Yourself” in an Interview

It’s a classic early-stage interview query, a seemingly simple prompt meant to get the process going. “Tell me about yourself.” But while it often appears like a softball question, many job seekers struggle with the topic. It’s so broad and some open-ended that it becomes dangerous. You can say almost anything you want. That fact… Read More

What to Do If a Candidate Ghosts You

You found the perfect candidate. You’re ready to move to the next step. There’s one problem though: you can’t find them. You’ve reached out and haven’t heard back. You are being ghosted. It’s embarrassing enough to get ghosted in your personal life. Now, you’re trying to offer someone a job, or at least move them… Read More

4 Must-Bring Things to Take to a Job Fair

It can represent a nerve-racking experience, a kind of nightmare version of speed dating (as if speed dating wasn’t nightmare enough). But despite the inherent awkwardness that comes with approaching a succession of strangers to ask for employment, the job fair offers an excellent opportunity to crack open your job search. The venue allows you… Read More

Recruiting on a Budget? Check Out These 5 Ideas!

Finding the right talent is key to driving your business forward. However, the process of recruiting often requires significant resources – time and money that you might not always have available. These conditions lead to an obvious question: how do you find the right workers without breaking the bank? How can you compete with the… Read More

How to Build a Strong Relationship With Your Boss

A strong relationship with your boss can represent a big boost to your career. Sometimes, this happens naturally. Other times, it requires some effort on your part. The relationship ultimately means more to you than it does to your boss, so you have to be the one prepared to bend to ensure that everything goes… Read More

Make Your New Employee’s First Day a Success

A good first day sets the stage for long-term success. A well-organized onboarding process cuts down on unproductive orientation time and integrates a new employee more tightly into the company. Meanwhile, it provides important emotional support for your new employee, something that will help create a deeper bond and a more productive relationship. Try to… Read More

Networking Do’s and Don’ts

Everyone knows that networking represents one of the most important skills (perhaps the most important skill) for building a long-term career. However, like any social interaction, it comes with a lot of potential pitfalls. There’s a lot of opportunity for misreading cues and for good, old-fashioned embarrassment. Networking involves a lot of unspoken rules. You’re expected to… Read More

How Much Follow-Up is Too Much?

A strong interview performance can give you a certain rush of euphoria and optimism. It’s a little like the feeling you get following a great first date. However, just like texting your new romance a dozen times the next day could end up hurting your long-term chances, an over-aggressive follow up after a good interview… Read More

How to Hire Quickly Without Losing Quality

Speed and quality usually exist on opposite sides of a spectrum. You can get something fast, or you can get something really good. A Big Mac vs. Kobe beef cooked sous vide. A vlog you record in a few minutes on your iPhone vs. the award-winning movie Boyhood, filmed over 12 years. This relationship applies… Read More