Helping Your Employees Set SMART Goals

Business writers never get tired of cute phrases, abbreviations, and pneumonic devices. From the “KISS” rule to B2B paradigm shifts to The Peter Principle to “pivoting to video,” generations of careers have been made coining and popularizing buzzword-y ways to describe management and recruiting trends. While these often exist as eye roll-inducing advertising for corporate… Read More

Should You Bother With Job Postings That Are Over 30 Days Old?

When you’re out of work and checking the job sites every day, you exhaust the new postings pretty quickly. Eventually, you to start those desperate clicks to the second page and beyond … ads that potentially haven’t been seen by human eyes in weeks. Land of the stale posting. Are those jobs even open anymore?… Read More

How to Make Your Resume More Appealing

Once you score an interview, you can turn on the charm. You can react to the ebb and flow of conversation. You can engage with the people making the hiring decisions on a personal level. However, you can’t do any of that if you can’t get in the room. Without a stellar resume, you’ll never… Read More

Leveraging Job Rejection

You thought you did everything right. You micro-targeted your resume to impress this company. The interview allowed you to present yourself at your most impressive (and at your most charming, if you do say so yourself). But they picked someone else. And now you’re left staring into the void of rejection … an abyss of… Read More

Bad Week or Burnout?

You’ve had a bad stretch – the professional equivalent of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Except, it’s lasted longer than a day … it feels like you’ve been overwhelmed for as long as you can remember. And it’s starting to affect you. You’re tired. You’re irritable. You’re starting to spend… Read More

What Should Your Policy Be on Tattoos and Piercings?

When your grandparents first entered the workforce, many companies had bans on tattoos and significant restrictions on piercings. The prohibitions were common and not something hiring professionals had to think much about. At the time, tattoos were mainly for sailors and bikers, and piercings anywhere but a woman’s earlobes might only come up when casting… Read More

How to Prepare for Your Employee Evaluation

It’s the most stress you’ve experienced since you interviewed for the position. Your annual evaluation. Every year, it feels like you have to apply all over again. And like a job interview, the more you prepare, the more comfortable you will be. Also, the additional consideration and effort you put into getting ready will help… Read More

Does Your Work Environment Encourage Productivity?

We spend most of our waking lives at work. In some cases, we end up spending more time in the company of our co-workers than we do with our friends or families. Creating a positive working environment becomes central in achieving long-term life satisfaction. But, of course, you’re running a business. A working environment doesn’t… Read More

Your Interview Starts the Minute You Arrive – Make It Count

We often make up our minds about people in a millisecond. That represents Tinder’s main operating principle. It also applies to business, especially to the hiring process. HR managers have to shuffle through a lot of candidates to whittle their lists down to a manageable size. They aren’t in a mood to give the benefit… Read More

3 TED Talks That Will Motivate You in Your Career

In our darkest moments, those times when the future seems grim and all our hard work seems destined to lead to little long-term benefit, we seek support from those closest to us. However, those might not be the best people to ask. They can give affection and emotional support. But are they in a position… Read More