Should You Take Your Work Home?

It’s eight o’clock at night on a nice summer day. Your kid wants to shoot some hoops with you in the driveway. Your spouse wants to take a nice walk. You’re only about 10 pages into that book you’ve been meaning to read and you still haven’t watched the last season of Game of Thrones.… Read More

Preparing for Baby Boomers Retiring

They made the Beatles popular. They protested the Vietnam War. At different times, they provided a key demographic for sales of leisure suits and jackets with extreme shoulder pads. Now, they are getting ready for a new phase. The Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce. It may seem like the usual course of events. One… Read More

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Trash Talk Your Previous Employer in an Interview

You had a bad experience at your last job. Your boss was less than pleasant. The company screwed you out of some severance. You never agreed with their strategic direction. Sidle up next to you at a bar, and you could rant for hours about that lousy job and the lousy company you worked for.… Read More

How to Help an Unhappy Employee

In your vision, life at your company resembles a joyous utopia. Everyone fills their role competently and efficiently, while simultaneously feeling fulfilled and content in their roles. Just smiles, warm feelings, and profits all around. Unfortunately, it can’t always be that way. Employees will get discontent. Whether its dissatisfaction with their compensation, frustration about the… Read More

Is It Worth Taking the Job if You Were Offered Less Money?

After a tedious application process and a series of grueling interviews, you’ve finally gotten that job offer. You should be elated. However, there’s a problem: the salary. The money part of the compensation package just doesn’t live up to your expectations. Now, you’ve got a quandary. Should you settle for the lower salary or turn… Read More

Best Ways to Practice Interview Skills

An interview has a lot in common with a performance. You might as well get on stage and sing. After all, an interview happens live, with no cuts or redos. It includes an audience. And, it involves the serious threat of humiliation if things go wrong. So, given that the process so closely resembles a… Read More

Address Workplace Stress

No workplace can avoid stress completely. Trying to get things done with limited resources and with tight deadlines (you know, any business venture) naturally leads to tension and strain. However, it’s important to keep it in check. Too much stress becomes seriously counterproductive. It leads to increased sick days and diminished morale. Meanwhile, these factors… Read More

Tips for Getting Back into the Workforce After Taking Time Off

It feels like starting over. It’s like you’re a kid again, entering the workforce for the first time. Your muscles may feel creakier and now you head to bed by 9 PM, but otherwise, getting back into the workforce after some time off can spark flashbacks to that earlier time, when you went searching for… Read More

Keeping Your Workers Safe in the Summer Heat

A summer day. It doesn’t have the same threatening demeanor as, say, a buzz saw or a barrel of toxic chemicals. But exposure to heat can cause major health issues: vomiting, cramps, fainting, even death. Working outside on a summer day seems like an innocuous enough endeavor…even pleasant in many cases. As such, the risk… Read More

How to Find a Job in Another State

You probably hear the phrase “moving your career forward” a lot. Usually, the “move” part of that is just a metaphor. But, sometimes reaching your full potential sometimes requires something more literal … like an actual move. But relocating can be an intimidating process. Not only are you taking on a new job (already a… Read More