Tips For Bringing A New Employee Into Your Company Culture

Onboarding new employees can present a challenge. They are immediately inundated with new procedures, new expectations, new coworkers, and a new environment. In this process, culture can take a backseat to matters that seem to have more practical significance. However, it’s just as important to bring a new employee into your company culture during these early… Read More

Why Now Might Be the Best Time to Survey Employees

It’s official: 2020 has been a mess. The coronavirus outbreak threw everyone’s business plans into disarray. Now, it looks like many of the restrictions will be lifting soon. However, a return to normal operations might involve a complicated process.   Getting insights from your employees can help. The info you gather from them can smooth the process… Read More

What Do I Do When I Think a Candidate Is Exaggerating on Their Resume?

Spotting an exaggeration on a resume can be hard. After all, every job candidate wants to present themselves in the best light. Still, some applicants take the process too far. These tellers of tall tales go far beyond spinning the truth and into the territory of flat-out lies.   Your job as an interviewer is to identify when a… Read More

5 Conversations You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Have with Your Boss

Bosses can be intimidating. Sometimes it takes all your courage just to approach them about day-to-day tasks. Having a tense, or even a deep, conversation with them can become downright petrifying.   However, you shouldn’t be afraid. Talking to your manager about certain topics is a key step in advancing your career, and in making sure… Read More

The Future of the Workforce & How to Prepare for It

Building a career isn’t just about getting good at the job you have. It’s about preparing for the next job. This involves making predictions about the future of the workforce and then taking the necessary steps to prepare for those developments.  It can be a tricky endeavor.  In a lot of ways, guiding your personal professional development… Read More

How to Improve Your Customer Service Interactions

It might be the oldest rule of business: “the customer is always right.” That doesn’t mean they’re always easy to deal with. Customer service requires nuance and tact. Developing your technique is a long-term commitment, but, with the right upgrades, you can significantly improve your customer service interactions.  Making this improvement doesn’t just help if you’re… Read More

Are you Getting Enough Sleep on the Night Shift?

Some people thrive on the night shift. For others, that schedule requires a major adjustment. When you’re assigned to an alternative shift, it’s important to keep track of your sleep patterns and make sure you’re getting enough rest. If not, you could face serious problems.   Keeping an adequate sleep regimen while working the night shift can… Read More

Advantages of Working as a Temp

It’s easy to develop career blinders. You get so narrowly focused on one method of building a career that you ignore important opportunities just outside your frame of reference. This is why people often miss the value of temporary work. They get so fixated on a permanent position that they lose sight of an excellent way to drive their careers forward.   Many workers… Read More

5 Soft Skills to Look for in Warehouse Employees

Hiring for a warehouse involves finding candidates who can perform the technical aspects of the job. However, like any other recruitment process, you also need to look at the total package. Discovering the right fit involves looking for the essential soft skills that will allow your new employee to thrive in your organization.  But what should you… Read More

Spring Clean Your Resume With These Tips

The annual tradition of spring cleaning shouldn’t just apply to your home. Take that sprucing-up attitude to your resume as well. Use the season as an excuse to upgrade your stale resume and jumpstart your career advancement.  Spring always represents a time for renewal and reflection. Flowers bloom. Newborn creatures skitter around the yard. It’s… Read More