Should I Allow My Employees to Play April Fool’s Day Pranks?

Work can be a serious, and let’s face it, dreary, place to spend eight hours a day. A little humor can help lighten the mood. However, jokes can turn bad very quickly. A poorly thought out prank Can lead to hurt feelings, reduced morale, and, in extreme cases, legal complications.  According to a Harvard Business Review… Read More

Are These 7 Items at Your Desk Ergonomically Correct?

In the movies, a “desk job” always refers to something safe. A cop or army officer will get one to avoid the line of fire. But while working in an office represents a less dangerous profession than, say, chasing criminals, there are still safety concerns to keep in mind. Among these are making sure your desk stays ergonomically correct.  According to government statistics, a… Read More

Why You Should Let a Recruiter Find Your Next Hire

Building a competitive team means getting the most out of every hire. However, as important as the recruitment process is, it can also represent a significant distraction. Partnering with a staffing agency can maximize your results while minimizing the cost.  A recruiter is a great resource for upgrading your approach to team building. By engaging an expert,… Read More

How to Take Better Notes as an Administrative Assistant

The ability to take good notes represents a key task for any administrative assistant. The information you take down becomes the permanent record for that meeting. A detailed and accurate account of the event allows everyone on the team to stay up–to–date. It also creates a useful reference point for developing long-term projects.  But taking good notes can present a… Read More

How Do Recruiting Agencies Work?

Had trouble finding the perfect job? A recruiter provides the perfect solution. You can jumpstart your search, locating a job faster and opening up the possibility for opportunities you couldn’t find on your own.  Still, despite these benefits, some people are reluctant to sign up with a staffing firm. It’s understandable. You should always show skepticism before jumping into… Read More

How to Successfully Resign and Leave on Good Terms

Goodbyes are difficult. Any time you end something, you risk leaving someone else in the lurch. It’s true for relationships and it’s especially pertinent when it comes to business arrangements. This dynamic turns resigning from a company into a challenging situation. It takes some finesse to leave on good terms.  However, the task isn’t impossible. You can resign a position and leave good feelings behind you.… Read More

What Do I Do with an Employee Who Always Runs Late?

Dealing with an employee who consistently runs late can cause significant problems. Their behavior affects the rest of the team, demanding a response from you. But what’s the best way to respond in a measured and constructive way?  Everyone runs late once in a while due to traffic, bad weather, or other unforeseen circumstances. However, when lateness becomes a habit, circumstances aren’t to… Read More

Skills to Look Out for in a Call Center Interview

Hiring for a call center can be a complicated task. You operate on a limited budget, but still need to find a very specialized type of talent. A call center employee combines skills of a good salesperson, a good customer relations representative, and a front–line brand ambassador. Finding the right hire can feel like a search for a unicorn. … Read More

Office Romance: What’s the Best Policy for Your Office

Employees often demand a sharp divide between their personal lives and their careers. However, some workers willingly blur the line with office romances. As an employer, you have to be ready for these relationships and create an appropriate policy to deal with them.  An office romance may qualify as borderline taboo in most workplaces, but… Read More

Best Shoes to Wear on the Warehouse Floor

You should treat safety as a comprehensive, head-to-toe subject. In this case, we mean that literally. In order to stay comfortable, maintain the highest safety profile, and keep up your productive pace in your warehouse job, you need to start from the bottom up. In other words, take a look at your feet.  You probably… Read More