How to Ask For More Responsibility at Work

You feel stuck. Your current job has gotten stale and you’re ready for new challenges. But you’re not sure how to communicate your ambitions to your supervisors. It’s time to learn how to ask for more responsibility at work. This can represent an awkward conversation. You don’t want to disrupt the team dynamic or annoy… Read More

When Was the Last Time You Updated Your Job Descriptions?

Are you getting the right candidates for your open positions? Are you getting any qualified candidates at all? Do you have to sift through reams of unpromising resumes before you find that rare exciting applicant? If you’re getting the wrong answers to these questions, you should rethink your process. In fact, you might need to… Read More

Why Automation is Future of Accounting

Yes, automation continues to take over the accounting profession. No, that doesn’t mean you’ll eventually be replaced by a robot. However, it does mean that the job description for the average accountant will change dramatically, as artificial intelligence becomes more central to the process. Are you ready for automation, the future of accounting? Think about… Read More

3 Tips to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

Sure, you want to find the right person. Dedicating time and money to a stellar hiring process lets you build the perfect team. However, it comes with a cost. If you could speed up your hiring process, without losing effectiveness, you’d save resources and improve your operations. It’s no secret that hiring represents a painstaking… Read More

A Different Way to Find a Job

Tired of the job-search grind? Does it feel like an endless treadmill, a lot of activity never really leading to any meaningful career progress? Well, there’s a different way to find a job: through a staffing agency. In the modern economy, recruiters have become a crucial way to locate career opportunities. According to the American… Read More

Benefits of Working a Second Shift Position

Second shifts have a bad reputation. Work late enough and suddenly the term “graveyard” gets involved. People often desperately try to avoid these schedules. But should they? In reality, second-shift positions come with a lot of benefits. True, jobs that start in the afternoon (or even later) come with their challenges as well. They aren’t… Read More

Am I Not Being Challenged Enough, or Am I Just Bored?

All jobs have their boring parts. Even fighter pilots and motorcycle stunt drivers have their dull moments – paperwork to fill out or Zoom meetings with HR. Still, if your job only exists a mind-numbing slog, you’ve got a problem. Ask yourself this question: am I not being challenged enough, or am I just bored?… Read More

Workplace Safety: 5 Common OSHA Violations and How to Prevent Them

You want the best for your workers. You strive to maintain the highest safety standards and avoid risk as much as possible. Still, you worry about OSHA violations. Good intentions aren’t always enough. You need to know the most common OSHA violations and how to prevent them. The prospect of OSHA fines can be scary.… Read More

Why Temporary Staffing is One Way to Recession-Proof Your Business

Worried about the current economy? Of course, you are. There are plenty of reasons to suspect trouble. A good team-building strategy can prepare you for anything. Specifically, a game plan centered on temporary staffing is one way to recession-proof your business. The dislocations of 2020 have left a lot of economic uncertainties. With COVID still… Read More

3 Things to Do Before Work Every Morning to Make Yourself More Productive

Your alarm rings. Time to wake up. You yawn, stretch, and avoid the temptation to hit snooze. It’s time to get ready for the daily grind. But are you doing enough in the morning before work to make yourself productive throughout the day? It’s a crucial question. The steps you take before work set up… Read More