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One of the biggest myths about temporary staffing is that there are no real jobs.  That is so inaccurate.  And if you believe that, and approach an assignment with that attitude, you will miss out on many great opportunities.  There are real jobs, real work and real opportunities for those that take their work seriously and make the most of each opportunity. 

Of course, temp-to-hire assignments are a path to employment with many companies who only hire in this fashion as well as the only way many companies find people.  Temp-to-Hire is a great opportunity for both you and the client to “date” a while to make sure this is the right opportunity and the right fit before making that decision to become a regular member of their organizational team.

Stories abound about short-term assignments turning into long-term opportunities that turned into full-time opportunities.  Most often when someone converts, the position offers more responsibility and paying a much higher base rate with a stronger benefit package.  Many clients look for top talent to hire for open positions or future positions when they request short-term help. Each assignment is what you make of it. Just ask these people.

SmartTalent Employee Stories

Patrick was placed as a Machine Operator on a Temp-to-Hire position for a privately-owned manufacturing company on the Eastside.  Patrick was converted as a full-time employee and by the end of the following year Patrick was promoted to a Shift Supervisor who, in addition, now hires, trains and develops people for his shift.

Allison was sent out as a Receptionist on a temporary position for a service company in Kirkland. The client recognized Allison’s ability and the position became a Temp-to-Hire position.  She was converted mid-year as a full time employee.   The company relocated to Renton and within a year of her conversion, Allison was promoted to Human Resources/Administration Manager.

Dee was brought into a SmartTalent office to work as a part-time receptionist for a short-term basis.  Since, Dee was hired full-time as a Personnel Supervisor, promoted to a Business Development Manager and today, as Branch Manager, manages the branch connected to the corporate office.

Michael was sent to a major overnight delivery service to work as a laborer in their cross-dock location in Seattle.  Michael was hired and sent to manage their cross-dock location in San Diego.

Steven started as a second shift temporary machine operator at a major outdoor gear manufacturer.  There was a shift supervisor opening and Steven applied for the position.  While he did not get that position, he was hired full-time as a lead in a different department on the day shift.  Steven continues to enhance and develop his skills to one day become that shift supervisor and taking that next step in his career.

Suliasi was placed as a temporary machine operator.  After only one week into the job, he was moved and promoted to a lead supervisor and hired full-time.

Christine started a paralegal assignment that was to last 2-3 weeks.  She was hired full-time for a different department when the initial 2-3 week assignment ended.

Scott was placed as a customer service/inside sales representative, temp-to-hire position.  Scott was hired full-time and then became their Sales Manager.

Dana was placed as a temporary customer service representative.  Since being hired full-time and several promotions later, Dana is now the Office Manager.


“I wanted to write you to thank the SmartTalent organization for helping me get employed again after almost two years on the job hunt.  I must say that when I initially received your call I was very skeptical.  However, in hindsight it was the most effective and personally beneficial decision I ever made.  All recruiters will tell you that they can help you but SmartTalent goes beyond the call of duty to do it. The employment opportunity that you helped groom me for is going to have a permanent positive impact on my life.  Your organization’s professionalism is unprecedented in the corporate world and I will always feel confident to introduce my clients, friends, and family to your life changing services.  Again, I am so grateful that you reached out to me and I am proud to be one of many success stories at SmartTalent.”

“I have worked in many offices and this one is just not a possible environment. Thirty people, caring, drama free and wonderful…unheard of! Yet, that is exactly what they are. Each worker all across the board is really incredible. I don’t know if wild horses will ever be able to drag me away. I have never seen anything quite like it. It is close to home, yet another plus and management being so understanding. I really am amazed with this staff. It is an excellent job and rewarding as well. I count myself blessed to have been chosen as part of this team.”

It is going great! The drive is not very far and the hours are great. Thank you! Everything is going quite well at work. I’ve even “won” a prize or two (gift cards, grab bag, ‘extra break time’, etc. due to production).”

“I have always had a pleasant experience with this company.  The staff is always available to me and when I go for work assignments.  [They] always show up the first day at the employer I will be working for.  When I call the office they are always upbeat and helpful.  When I ask for any forms or time cards, they always get them to me the same day that I ask for them.  They always tell me upfront the wage, a background of the company, the hours & what is expected of me.  I would recommend this agency to anyone who is looking for work.”

“SmartTalent is a great staffing company.  [They] scheduled an interview for me and that same day I started working. I was surprised to start working so soon!

On a recent assignment, the company I was sent to was very warm and friendly.  The owners introduced themselves to me and said they were glad I could help them.  The office assistant was a joy to work with. I had a great time!

Thanks SmartTalent! I look forward to many more assignments.”

“I have been with SmartTalent for awhile now and I have found them to be a great temp agency. The recruiters are very nice and I have had consistent work. They always email directions and a job description before I arrive to the site, which I find very helpful. I would recommend SmartTalent for anyone who is looking for work and is considering using a temp agency.”

“My experience with SmartTalent has been great! The staff is very nice and professional. They always respond promptly to my e-mails and calls and check in on me often at my assignments. I really appreciate the effort they put into finding me assignments.”

“When I first joined SmartTalent I didn’t know what it would be like working for a temp agency.  Well, the staff is friendly, helpful and they keep me busy.  All the jobs have been great and I’ve met some interesting people.  I should have done this sooner.”

“Oh my gosh…  I have to say that I have been a part of many different staffing agencies over the years and this place is awesome!  I was placed almost immediately, where most of them took at least several weeks to get back with me and usually they didn’t wind up placing me anywhere at all. So that was the first and most important thing for me was almost instantly they recognized my talent and they placed me where my talent was recognized and used and I actually got great references from my experience.  Everything has been great.  Customer Service has been awesome.  I really enjoy the people and that has been my experience with SmartTalent.

“I’ve been with other agencies and so far SmartTalent has been the only one that has been calling me on a consistent basis. So, SmartTalent is my life saver. When all the others were not calling me, SmartTalent was.”

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