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The ability to find the right talent in the pool of available applicants can be quite a challenge for any hiring manager. At SmartTalent, we are committed to providing the best candidate available who will not only work to meet your needs, but also strive to exceed them. We always assess potential candidates, review their work experience, evaluate their skills and check their references before they ever reach your office. But our process doesn’t stop there. We take it several steps further.

Assessing Real Talent

The process of identifying a qualified candidate for placement begins with the training and certification of our placement team members. Our internal developmental programs include training and certification in recruiting and behavioral evaluation techniques.

There are five steps in the process of identifying a qualified candidate for employment, which include the basics of what they “can-do,” “will-do” and where they “will-fit.”

Behavioral Assessment – Prior to consideration, all SmartTalent candidates complete a pre-employment behavior assessment to determine if they are pre-disposed towards any counterproductive behaviors such as: Fraud, Violence, Theft, Drug Abuse, Dishonesty and Job Dependability. Through the use of these evaluations, SmartTalent has virtually eliminated the standard guessing game used by most staffing services. In less than 15 minutes, our assessment will provide an instant on-line report detailing the exact information we need to determine which candidate is best for your company.

Skill Assessment – At the core of our process is our S.M.A.R.T. (Skills Matrix Assessing Real Talent) system, which features TalentCheQ. Each potential candidate is evaluated to the skill level of the positions for which they are to be placed. Here we are looking for what they “can-do”.

Behavioral Interviewing – This part of the evaluation process is not just identifying technical skills, but for attitude, behavior, attendance and a variety of other behavioral characteristics that identify or indicate a strong history of performance. What we are looking for is what they “will do” and where they “will-fit.” Past performance generally is a predicator of future performance. Just because they can do the job doesn’t necessarily translate into wanting to do the job.

Orientation – Once we have made an initial hiring decision we begin our orientation and training programs. The first step is a 5-part orientation with our new employee. In addition, our employees begin their safety and ergonomic awareness training.

SmartV.I.S. ® – The SmartTalent Verification Information System has been designed with the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security to verify eligibility of all newly hired employees.

SmartProtect – This client-driven part of the verification process includes reference checks, DMV, drug screening, criminal background checks as well as validation of educational and training degrees/certificates where skill testing is not appropriate.

What’s The Outcome?

The right person matched to the right job the first time. You will spend less time processing new employees. You will reduce your costs, increase overall productivity and reduce turnover. For our employee, it means they are placed in positions that they are best suited for, thus reducing frustrations and increasing potential work opportunities. Add an employee handbook and you quickly understand why SmartTalent offers a 100% Unconditional Guarantee on the placement of our employees. We are that confident; both in our people and our process.

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