Be Prepared to Discuss Salary

July 25th, 2018

When you’re going to an interview for a job, you must be prepared to discuss your desired salary. Taking the right approach to salary negotiations is key to getting paid what you’re worth, but it’s also crucial to avoid pitfalls that could cost you opportunities. Here are a few tips to ensure you can address the issue of pay in the right way at your interview:

  • Don’t bring up salary until the interviewer does. When you go to an interview, your goal should be to show what you can do for the organization – not what the organization can do for you. If you bring up salary too early, this is a big turnoff because hiring managers will think you’re only in it for the money and aren’t going to be a dedicated team member. Instead, wait until you’re asked a question about salary to address the subject.
  • Go in with an idea of what you want to make. Although you don’t want to bring up salary, you need to be prepared for a hiring manager to ask you pay-related questions. You need to be ready with an answer because you don’t want to fumble around on the spot trying to guess how much the position should pay. Instead, consider what you think would be fair based on your experience, skills and the job market, so you’re ready with an informed reply if the hiring manager wants to know how much money you’re looking to make.
  • Back up your salary request with data. When you have a specific salary in mind, make certain you’re able to back up your requested pay with data showing that you’re being reasonable considering your skills and market conditions. There are plenty of places online to research salaries, so look up the data you will need to justify why you want to be paid a particular amount.

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